from our hearts to yours


Michelle Ayers Chambers

yoga + adventure

My first yoga retreat was a long weekend, not far from home in the PNW. Those 72 hours are imprinted on my heart forever and, if I’m honest, I am where I am today because of that retreat. It was the space I needed to quiet my anxious mind and open up a conversation with the rest of me. It brought me back to myself.

Chelsea and I formed Pulse Yoga Retreats to cultivate space for this kind of conversation.  We believe in the vital importance of community and connection — to yourself, the souls around you,  the Big Wide Everything. 

Chelsea Bird Hoard

yoga + adventure

My practice + teaching were altered forever when I realized that, at least for me, Yoga is about freedom... about moving from a place of self knowledge + trust, instead of simply following instructions. It’s similar to the way I love to discover a new place in the world — all I need is myself, and a heightened fascination of the world around me. I've found It’s not often a guidebook that leads to authenticity — but a willingness to explore.

In these notions, I found a kindred spirit in Michelle. Working together to share them with you is a dream come true.



Karen Leann Kirsch


I am for dreamers and for the down to earth. But I am especially for the folks who have feet squarely in both camps. I do what I do in the hopes of inspiring you to chase your dreams and live them out loud. Capturing each step you take is a physical reminder of what you're doing, where you're going, and why you're doing it in the first place. Let's tell your story.


Kristina Capulong


Cooking and food is another way I express love and gratitude. With culinary foundations rooted in Seattle, I am grateful for my experience working in some of the best restaurants in the city. I believe in the power of creating community around food, gathering around the table for a beautiful and nourishing meal — there is no more perfect time to share stories and dreams.