{pulse} yoga retreats

connect to what moves you


the ‘pulse’ of pulse Yoga Retreats is connection

It’s about hearing the echo of your breath in the ebb + flow of the sea... recognizing your heartbeat in the rhythm of a new place. This connection is what calls us to explore. It’s what calls us to practice, and make our way forward. It’s why we dream and give our time to love + friendship. It’s why we’re pulled toward the lush mountain forests, and why we stand in awe next to the ocean. This connection - to ourselves and everything else - is our collective aliveness, our collective breath, our collective joy, and our collective strength.

we offer these retreats as space to return to yourself...
to reconnect to whatever it is that moves you

joshua tree — winter 2019

tulum — spring 2019

I took
a deep breath
and listened
to the old brag
of my heart.
I am, I am, I am.
— Sylvia Plath